Open Positions

Job Description

Position Title:                      Executive Director

Reports To:                            Board of Directors

FLSA Status:                          Exempt


CRRA seeks an experienced non-profit or trade association management professional based in California with the skills and capabilities to run the association, achieve the Board of Directors’ (Board) adopted goals, and pursue CRRA’s vision, mission and principles.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities

1.     Executive Management

a.     Oversee all accounting functions including those necessary for budgeting, financial analysis,  payroll, and tax preparation, and the maintenance of  CRRA’s non-profit status, in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and Board policies and procedures.

b.     Lead annual strategic planning and budgeting activities including the development and updating of multi-year strategic plans and annual budget alignment.

c.     Develop and propose annual budgets to the Board in collaboration with the Treasurer Conference and Membership Services Manager.

d.     Handle all aspects of human resource management for CRRA employees including but not limited to hiring, managing performance, and applying Board-approved employee policies in accordance with all applicable laws and requirements.

e.     Manage contracts and services provided by contractors and vendors including but not limited to certified public accountant and legal counsel; recommend to Board contact extensions or terminations based on evaluation of performance and fit with CRRA’s changing needs; identify and recommend appropriate replacement contractors as appropriate.

f.      Staff the Board of Directors including but not limited to coordinating board and board committee meeting conference calls and in-person meeting arrangements, and managing meeting agenda packets.


2.     Fundraising and Development

Develop, recommend to Board and execute a Revenue Development Plan as part of the Strategic Plan to increase and diversify revenues, including but not limited to:

a.     Research and identify potential new revenue opportunities such as new sponsors and donors, grant opportunities and business opportunities appropriate to CRRA’s mission and principles.

b.     Identify grant opportunities.  Prepare grant applications for Board approval.  Manage grants.

c.     Initiate, build and maintain relationships with existing sponsors, recycling industry and allied businesses, government agencies, and other organizations and individuals.

d.     Maintain annual sponsorship agreements, assure sponsor payments and appropriate recognition of sponsors within CRRA media and at CRRA events including the annual conference.

e.     Coordinate engagement with sponsors at CRRA events.


3.     Professional Certification Program

Administer the contract with SWANA for the Zero Waste Principles and Practices Course and Certification Program (Certification Program), including but not be limited to:

a.     Serve as CRRA’s primary contract with SWANA regarding the Certification Program.

b.     Coordinate the activities of the CRRA Certification Program Steering Committee.

c.     Finalize course content and CRRA instructor procurement.

d.     Develop and execute a plan to launch the Certification Program and ensure a timely and successful implementation in the fall of 2017 or spring of 2018.

e.     Develop and implement a joint CRRA/SWANA marketing initiative for the Certification Program.

f.      Coordinate course scheduling activities for launch and ongoing implementation of the Certification.

g.     Monitor and expand profit share opportunities with SWANA.

h.     Seek additional expansion of the Certification program to include web based courses.

i.      Utilize the Certification program to expand membership benefit and membership development opportunities in California and Nationally. 

j.      Coordinate and implement as needed course content updates in partnership with the Steering Committee and SWANA.


4.     Annual Conference and Trade Show

a.     Provide executive oversight to produce the Annual Conference and Trade Show. 

b.     Work closely with the Conference and Membership Services Manager to plan, execute and ensure the financial success of CRRA’s biggest product.


5.     Membership

c.     Provide executive oversight to achieve the Board’s strategic membership goal. 

d.     Develop, recommend to Board and execute a Membership Development Plan as part of the Strategic Plan.

e.     Work closely with the Conference and Membership Services Manager to:

                              i.         Evaluate and enhance the current portfolio of communication activities.

                              ii.         Maintain high member retention.

                              iii.         Ensure excellent service and value to members.

                              iv.         Identify new and improved ways to provide value.

6.     External Relations

Cultivate and maintain external relationships with a variety of public and private organizations including but is not limited to:

a.     Seek opportunities for joint projects and other forms of cooperation on conferences, seminars, webinars and other educational outreach activities that promote recycling, extended producer responsibility, composting and sustainable materials management.

b.     Maintain relationships with allied organizations including but not limited to Californians Against Waste, California Product Stewardship Council, Keep California Beautiful and Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA).  

c.     Represent CRRA in the National Recycling Coalition.

d.     Represent CRRA, as assigned, to advocate for its adopted positions at hearings and meetings related to state, regional, and occasionally local legislation and regulatory issues, primarily in Sacramento.  Attend Board Policy Committee meetings and participate in Policy Committee discussions, research and activities.


Education and/or Experience

No specific education is required.  The successful candidate must possess the knowledge and skills which may result from formal education or at least five years of progressive executive experience in the operational and financial management of non-profit corporations, professional associations, or other comparable organizations.  Professional certification in non-profit or trade association management is a plus.


Core Competencies

To perform effectively in this position, the individual should demonstrate the following competencies:

1.     Leadership, integrity, accountability, dependability.  Provides effective and principled leadership to advance organizational goals in a manner that enhances CRRA’s reputation.  Sets and meets high performance standards for self, staff and organization.

2.     Enthusiasm.  Capable of maintaining a robust enthusiasm for CRRA and its enterprises.

3.     Demonstrable record of success in fundraising, revenue development, sales or account management.

4.     Manages Resources.  Maintains effective systems of internal controls to account for revenues and expenditures. Seeks and supports innovation to improve productivity and efficacy.  Operates within the approved budget and manages fiscal and human resources responsibly.  

5.     Ability and enthusiasm for building on the Board’s investments in current staff and human resources.

6.     Political and business acumen.  Appreciates the political and business interests of members, sponsors, partners and other stakeholders. Anticipates potential problems and plans approach accordingly.

7.     Communicates effectively with multiple audiences using a variety of formats including written communications that clearly identify conditions, opportunities and action items.  Ability to deliver effective and compelling verbal presentations and briefings.

8.     Experience and comfort with board governance organizations, working for and supporting boards.

9.     Digital competency (Microsoft office suit, web-based meeting and productivity tools, contact management systems, etc.)

10.  Alignment with CRRA’s vision, mission and principles.  Passion for the environment. 

11.  Breadth and depth of knowledge about zero waste and sustainable materials management preferred.  Ability to be a compelling advocate for, and speak knowledgeably with content experts about zero waste and sustainable materials management preferred.  Expertise in related environmental or sustainability content areas also valued.


Physical Demands

While performing the duties of this position, the Executive Director is regularly required to sit, stand, walk, speak and hear.  The position requires extensive computer use so the employee must have sufficient hand dexterity to use a computer keyboard and be capable of reading a computer screen.  The employee must occasionally lift and/or move up to 20 pounds.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable otherwise qualified individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.



The Executive Director must be able to travel to attend conferences, workshops and other events as required, predominantly within California and occasionally outside California.



  • Annual salary -  $85,000 - $100,000 depending on experience and demonstrated success relevant to Essential Duties and Responsibilities
  • Annual bonus - Amount and terms to be determined.
  • Benefits – Paid holiday, vacation and sick leave; remote work; flexible schedule; paid travel expenses (as budgeted).

Cover letter and resume to by close of business May 2, 2017.


Organizational Structure

CRRA By-Laws provide for a nine-member Board of Directors, with three directors each elected from three districts (South, Central and North), for three-year terms.  The Executive Director reports to the Board and receives direction from the Board President.  The Conference and Membership Services Manager reports to the Executive Director. Currently one contractor who supports member services, and one contractor tasked with member recruitment, report to the Conference and Membership Services Manager.



About CRRA

CRRA was founded 1974 and is California’s statewide recycling association.  It is the oldest and one of the largest non-profit recycling organizations in the United States.  A 501(C)3 organization, CRRA is dedicated to achieving environmental sustainability in and beyond California through Zero Waste strategies including product stewardship, waste prevention, reuse, recycling and composting.  CRRA provides its members with resources to advance local, regional and state wide waste reduction efforts which result in critical environmental and climate protection outcomes.  CRRA’s members represent all aspects of California’s reduce-reuse-recycle-compost economy.  Our members work for cities, counties, municipal districts, and businesses as well as hauling companies, material processors, non-profit organizations, state agencies, and allied professionals.