Recyclers Global Warming Council

CRRA’s Recyclers Global Warming Council (RGWC) represents interests within CRRA to address the issue of greenhouse gases.  It identifies resources, facilitates discussions and organizes workshops and CRRA conference sessions to inform the CRRA membership, the greater resource recovery community, and other interested parties how Zero Waste strategies (Reduce-Reuse-Recycle-Compost) can minimize greenhouse gas impacts.  RGWC works with other organizations with similar interests to advocate Zero Waste policies and programs to reduce greenhouse gases.

We welcome the involvement of CRRA members and others interested in working together on this issue. Please contact RGWC Chair Mark Gagliardi. Learn more about CRRA and the benefits of membership.













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RGWC’s Greatest Hits (recent organized sessions at CRRA Conference)

  • Sustainable Material Management  (2016)
  • Zero Waste Spotlight in Paris Climate Agreement  (2016)
  • Zero Waste in Local Climate Action Plans (2016)
  • Zero Waste Climate Protection in CA & Beyond (2015)
  • Sustainable Materials Management for the Global Economy (2015)
  • Climate Change and Sustainable Materials Management (2014)
  • Funding Zero Waste Climate Protection Strategies (2013)
  • Climate Change and Sustainable Materials Management (2013)



Upcoming Webinar on July 13, 10:00 am: "New Innovations in Compostable Flex Packaging: Design, Materials, and the End of the Line” - click here for details.