December 2015/January 2016 Executive Director Report to CRRA Members

CRRA’s - 2016 Annual Conference – Call for Papers Now Open!

CRRA is taking advantage of new software!  Our Call for Papers is now open and we will be accepting submissions through our new online tool now through January 10 for individual speakers or for complete sessions.  Visit for details. 

This year’s Awards Nominations will also be accepted through a new online tool.  Start considering who might be a worthy 2016 recipient and look for the nomination form in early 2016.  To see a list of past winners, visit  The committees are hard at work to create a stellar program which will celebrate “40 Years of Ending Waste” at our 40th Annual Conference Doubletree Hotel in Sacramento August 7 -10, 2016.  Be sure you visit the website regularly and also watch for updates on our social media.


CRRA Public Policy Advocacy and Pending Legislative and Regulatory Actions

“California’s Environmental Goals and Funding Waste Management Infrastructure” Workshop:On December 15, 2015 Board President Rob Hilton and I attended the CalRecycle workshop on “California’s Environmental Goals and Funding Waste Management Infrastructure”. During the workshop Scott Smithline, CalRecycle’s Director, shared with attendees funding options for CalRecycle’s climate investment programs.

With 2015 Cap and Trade funding not forthcoming and AB 1063 – the tipping and generator bill - stalled in the legislature, the workshop was designed to explore these and other approaches to financing new composting and anaerobic digester facilities needed to process the expected increase in organic waste called for under AB 1826. One option CalRecycle shared – incentive payment to jurisdictions based on production and funded by increased tipping and a statewide generator fees - created significant discussion. CalRecycle will be continuing to refine their options for infrastructure financing in 2016.     

California Alternative Energy & Advanced Transportation Financing Authority (CAEATFA) Board Meeting:That same day, I also attended the California Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing Authority (CAEATFA) Board meeting. Responding to passage of AB 199, the CAEATFA Board voted to set-aside $23 million in its $100 million sales tax exemption program in 2016 for projects that process or utilize recycled feedstock. In response to a CAEATFA Request for Information in November eleven companies responded with projects with an estimated sales tax exemption amount of $22.9 million.  

Coalition Letter on Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund Expenditure Plan:On December 14, 2015 CRRA joined onto a coalition letter to the Senate President Pro Tem and the Speaker of the Assembly requesting immediate attention to complete the 2015-16 Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF) Expenditure Plan when the legislature reconvenes in January. The letter noted that CalRecycle grants programs have been suspended because the GGRF money has been expended or encumbered. The letter was also sent to the Governor.

Air Resource Board’s Short-Lived Climate Pollutant Reduction Strategy: In January the Air Resource Board (ARB) is expected to meet and announce its adoption of a Short-Lived Climate Pollutant Reduction Strategy. The ARB is considering the development of a regulation by 2018 that will require waste management agencies to eliminate the disposal of organics in landfills by 2025. We continue to support this initiative and will be present for that ARB Board meeting.  


Fostering Sustainable Behavior Workshops – Discount for CRRA Members!

Action Research will be hosting workshops in Los Angeles and San Francisco to promote a broad array of environment and health related behavioral changes. Community-based social marketing is now being utilized in thousands of programs across the globe. Community-based social marketing serves as the foundation for watershed protection programs in the counties of San Diego and Santa Barbara and environmental behavioral change programs in San Francisco.  Speaker Dr. Dough McKenzie-Mohr, author of “Fostering Sustainable Behavior” has delivered community-based social marketing workshops internationally for over 60,000 environmental program managers.  CRRA Members receive a $100 discount off registration price when using code c110ad1e.  For more details, or to register, visit:

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