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Catawba Baler & Equipment (CB&E), Greensboro, North Carolina, is now offering the "Free Jam" Two-Ram baler. CB&E calls the new product “the only baler in the world with automatic, push-button jam-release technology designed for safety first and foremost.”
Free Jam two ram Catawba baler
The new product’s patent-pending technology virtually eliminates the need for a person to enter into the baler to manually clear a jam, says Mark McDonald, president of CB&E. McDonald says clearing baler jams in that method is “the most dangerous function in the recycling industry.” Thus, the Free Jam Two-Ram, says McDonald, offers a vital advancement in safety technology to recyclers.

The reduction in downtime offered by the Free Jam Two-Ram creates a second tremendous advantage, according to CB&E. “A conventional two-ram baler without automatic jam release technology can force a recycler to have multiple employees spend up to five days manually digging out a jam,” says McDonald. “The Free Jam Two-Ram allows the operator to simply push a button on the tower's control panel to raise the Free Jam door and have the machine safely clear the jam.”

With the Free Jam Two-Ram’s technology, the baler operator can have a jam cleared and can be back baling in as little as five minutes, according to CB&E.

McDonald says the technical advances of CB&E’s new product boosts profits and contributes to a recycling company’s bottom line by:
•    dramatically reducing the risk of injury or death;
•    dramatically reducing downtime; and
•    providing easy and safe maintenance access.

More information on the Free Jam Two-Ram baler can be obtained by contacting Mark McDonald of CB&E Baler at 1-800-728-1405 or mmcdonald@cbebaler.com and on the Web at www.cbebaler.com.