2017 Facility Tours


Facility Tours - August 22 & 23, 2017



See some of San Diego's leading facilities and venues
and their great efforts to keep San Diego green!

TO REGISTER FOR A TOUR: After you have completed your conference registration, you will receive an email with a code to register for your desired tour selection.  Tours are available on a first-come, first-served basis to conference registrants at no additional charge.  If the tour you would like to attend is fully booked, we encourage your to add your name to the waitlist.  

Due to security at several tour locations, you will be required to have a photo ID (like a driver's license or passport) with you to check-in at the facility. A reminder will be sent to you before the tour.

**We will make every effort to ensure you are back at Paradise Point for the CRRA Conference for opening sessions, but due to traffic conditions, we cannot guarantee return times.  If you are speaking in a session, or want to see a specific session, we kindly ask that you consider this as you make your tour reservations.


August 22, 2017 Morning Tours

San Diego International Airport - Bus leaves at 7:00 am

San Diego International Airport serves as the gateway in and out of San Diego, providing service to over 20 million travelers in 2016. The Airport is a dynamic environment with a constantly changing waste stream, and 2016 was no exception. New sustainability plans were added to an established portfolio of environmental programs that include waste reduction in many different forms. The tour will include the Airport’s Food Waste Management Program, a new hazardous waste storage facility, photovoltaic solar power, and our air conditioning condensate (water) capture and reuse program.

San Diego Zoo - Bus leaves at 7:10 am

San Diego Zoo Global is a conservation organization leading the fight to End Extinction.   In 2016, the San Diego Zoo and the San Diego Zoo Safari Park began a pre-consumer food waste diversion program.   You will hear from the Leadership Teams that implemented these achievements.  The San Diego Zoo Safari Park, 30 miles north in Escondido, was able to achieve "Zero Waste" status and reached a 94% diversion rate.   This tour will visit the back of the house recycling area at the Zoo and will discuss the food waste programs, general recycling and the overall culture changes at the organization.  

SeaWorld - Bus leaves at 7:00 am

See first-hand how SeaWorld’s Animal Rescue team cares for stranded animals.  A behind-the-scenes  tour will guide you through food preparation, the hospital and the Rescue Center which provides the best possible care for ill or injured wildlife.  In addition, gain insight into SeaWorld’s water treatment process (one of the world’s largest natural saltwater filtration facilities in the world), NPDES permit compliance and storm water managment.

Solana Center in Del Mar Fairgrounds - Bus leaves at 7:00 am

At the San Diego Mid-Scale Composting Demonstration & Training Center, Solana Center demonstrates various systems, such as vermicomposting, black soldier fly larvae, in-vessel composting systems, and aerated static piles. Each display area is actively composting locally-generated organic waste. Interpretative signage and hands-on training provide visitors the opportunity to learn about the various systems. The target audience includes entrepreneurs, farmers, food-generating businesses, community gardeners, multi-family housing dwellers, and school gardeners. The Center is located inside the horse racetrack at the renowned Del Mar Fairgrounds. The tour will be a guided walk through the displays led by Solana Center educators and docents.


August 23, 2017 Afternoon Tour

PetCo Park - Bus leaves at 2:00 pm

Petco Park was named #1 ballpark by USA Today in 2016 and hosted the first Major League Baseball All Star Game under LED lights. The home of the San Diego Padres opened in 2004 and the 1.6 million square foot venue has also hosted Headlining concerts for Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, The Rolling Stones, and Taylor Swift. Petco Park has also hosted Tennis and Basketball tournaments and is a venue for San Diego Comic Con. Come learn how this venue is staying sustainable while hosting large scale events.

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